Ebury ranked as #2 EUR/USD and USD/CNY forecaster on Bloomberg

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5 July 2019


Ebury is once again delighted to announce that it has performed well in the latest Bloomberg forecast accuracy rankings.

ollowing on from our #1 EUR/USD spot in the final quarter of last year and our #1 USD/CNY ranking in the first quarter of this year, we were named as the #2 forecaster for both EUR/USD and USD/CNY in Q2 2019.

Both pairs are, unsurprisingly, among the most competitive currency pairs on Bloomberg. We finished above 64 other EUR/USD forecasters last quarter, including most of the world’s major commercial and investment banks. In the same period, we were ranked higher than 44 other USD/CNY forecasters.

Enrique Diaz-Alvarez, Chief Risk Officer at Ebury and Bloomberg forecaster, says: “We were right to ignore the fears of a European recession, as the loss in manufacturing momentum was more than compensated by strong internal demand driven by job creation and modest but steady wage increases in the Eurozone”.

Figure 1: Bloomberg’s EUR/USD Forecast Accuracy Ranking [Q2 2019]

Figure 2: Bloomberg’s USD/CNY Forecast Accuracy Ranking [Q2 2019]

, In addition, we finished among the top forecasters for a further ten currency crosses. We’re especially proud of being named as the second most accurate forecaster for the entire Asia region. This was due to our strong performance in the South Korean Won (KRW), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Philippine Peso (PHP) and Singaporean Dollar (SGD).

For context, Bloomberg’s rankings are based on three rigorous criteria: margin of error, timing and directional accuracy.

Full list:

  1. EURUSD #2
  2. USDCNY #2
  3. Asia #2
  4. USDDKK #1
  5. EURDKK #2
  6. NZDUSD #7
  7. USDZAR #1
  8. USDKRW #1
  9. USDSGD #2
  10. USDPHP #3
  11. USDRON #1
  12. EURBGN #1
  13. USDPLN #5

Our knowledge of financial markets has enabled us to support our clients in successfully navigating the often complex world of foreign exchange and protect their margins.

If you’re interested in our currency forecasts and predictions, contact us here to talk through what we think is coming up in 2019 and how we can best help your business.