Ebury picks Brussels for its EU headquarters

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31 March 2020


Ebury announced today that it has picked Brussels for its new EU headquarters after Brexit. Ebury plans to recruit extra employees in 2020 to staff its future expansion.

ollowing an in-depth analysis, the group has chosen Brussels as the appropriate location for its EU-entity going forward. The choice marks a success for the Belgian capital, as several European cities battled to take over London as the financial hub in Europe.

“Ebury contacted the Belgian National Bank in 2018 about moving its European headquarters from London to Brussels, the worldwide HQ remain in London” said Kris Mercelis, Country Manager Belgium at Ebury. “Ebury as a group is fully committed to the region and will continue to invest into further strengthening relationships with all of our clients and partners. There is a large capacity for growth and that means businesses over time will look for alternative and more efficient ways to carry out international payments through the use of technology. By the end of this year, we plan to grow from 25 to 35 people to support our future expansion”.

Ebury’s Brussels headquarters will lead all of its 12 European branches. In Belgium, Ebury performed transactions of over €1 billion in 2019 and is featured on the Financial Times’ FT1000 list as one of the 1,000 European companies achieving the highest percentage growth in revenues.

This step is confirmation of the ongoing commitment Ebury has to Belgium and wider Europe. The company has also started offering innovating finance products in the country and will continue to expand its strategic partnerships in the region.