Ebury registered with Bank of Spain and Bank of Portugal

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21 May 2018


We are excited to announce that our Spanish and Portuguese branches have been registered as electronic money institutions under Ebury Partners UK Limited.

ith the authorisation of the Bank of Spain and Bank of Portugal, respectively, our branches will be able to offer local clients a new window of opportunity to expand their business capabilities, both locally and internationally.

As licensed E-money Institutions, local clients will be able to tap into an extended list of products and services. These new capabilities include: holding funds, obtaining personal IBANs in a variety of countries and currencies and facilitating payments between Ebury accounts easily and free of charge. This expansion further aids our mission to enable small to medium sized businesses to access financial services that are normally reserved for large companies.

The acquisition of these licences is in line with our commitment to providing clients with a high-level of security and transparency, throughout our business partnerships.

Currently, we serve more than 24,000 corporate clients across the globe, opened 15 offices and offer access to more than 140 currencies. Earlier this year, Ebury also became the first non-bank financial institution to join the Faster Payments Scheme, giving clients access to real-time transactions and payment reconciliation.